The Ultimate List of Must-Haves for an Outdoorsy Family

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we’re an outdoorsy type family. What that means is, (in the warmer months) we spend the majority of our days outside! And we love it! We enjoy the obvious benefits of outdoor play, sunshine for health and time away from the screens. So what do we do exactly? All the things!

Here’s our personal list of must-haves if you’re an outdoorsy family, and what we’re planning on doing for Summer 2023.

Safety First for the Outdoorsy Family

Let’s cover the most important stuff first. Keeping your family safe while you enjoy outdoor family activities together is crucial and I can personally tell you there have been more than a few times I was caught without these essentials. Don’t let it happen to you! As you collect supplies and gear for this upcoming sunny season, make sure you have everything this time around. I know I am.

Must-Have Safety Items for the Outdoorsy Family

This is not a complete list, I’m sure. And if you think of more essential items, please do share in the comments! These are the must-haves for adventurous families.

Is it Cheaper for Families to Play Outside?

It may surprise you that families who spend time enjoying outdoor activities together, spend less money than those paying for entertainment, kids camps and memberships for kids. Some of the items on the lists below may be considered pricey, but it’s about one-time investments rather than frequent or renewing fees. For example, we have stocked our backyard with several things to keep our kids busy and having fun. We did have to spend some money up front for them, but the return on that investment keeps paying us back every day that we aren’t spending money elsewhere.

Plus, I know where my kids are, who they’re with and I’m available if they need help. And most days, I’m outside with them, soaking up the sun and cherishing the view as my kids live life to the fullest. Or, I’m resting inside while they play out back. And that leads us to the next list of must-haves for an outdoorsy family. For the most part, all of our family outdoor activities take place at home, in the front or in the backyard.

How do I get my child to play in the backyard?

If you struggle to get your gets outside, you’re not alone. But the reason for that may not be because they aren’t interested in playing outside. The reality is, it’s just not as enticing as when you and I were kids. These days you can’t just send your kids outside to wonder the world freely. Most of us have fenced in yards, limiting the square footage available for exploration. If you’re kids aren’t that interested in their backyard, there are ways to fix that!

7 Must-Haves to Keep Kids Entertained in the Backyard

The best method for keeping your kids busy and entertained in the backyard, is to give them the resources they need to either explore what’s out there or help them use their imaginations to make it fun. Here are our favorite items that really help achieve both of those things.

must haves for kids in the backyard
  1. Outdoor explorers kit – This kit includes binoculars, bug tweezers, compass, whistle and more to keep your kids busy exploring the backyard.
  2. Trampoline – This is one thing my kids use every single day. It’s been well worth the investment, and the net makes me feel much more at ease as they flip and soar all over the place.
  3. Walkie Talkies – my kids never get tired of playing with walkie talkies in the backyard. These are also essential when you go camping and hiking too!
  4. Climbing dome – This is another item in our backyard that my kids and their friends like to play on every time they are in the backyard. And an unrealized bonus is they build some serious coordination and balancing skills.
  5. Sprinkler – I recommend a garden or lawn sprinkler because they tend to be sturdier and last longer. My kids like to set it up under the trampoline on a hot day to get 2 things they love (jumping and water play).
  6. Swing set – Go big or go home? Just remember, the more there is to do on the swing set you choose, the longer your kids will be busy playing in the backyard!
  7. No Heat Slide Seats – If you’re going to get a swing set or playground, you’ll need to keep your kids’ tushy’s cool with Slide Seats that can be used on swings and slides. I wrote a post about this super neat product.

Yes, my kids have all of those items in the backyard. We figure, if the kids are playing at home, we’ll spend less money driving and paying for things to do outside the home. So far, our investments have paid off and our kids love playing in the backyard.

7 Must-Haves for Outdoorsy Adults

These are just the most essential things I think you need if your an outdoorsy adult or couple. If you like to be outside, you’ll probably be doing activities, like hiking or camping, that all but require these must-haves!

must haves for outdoorsy adults
  1. Sun Hat – this is a must have and if you’re the outdoorsy type, you already know. This summer, don’t be caught without your sun hat!
  2. Tower Ball – Play with the family or make it a true adult game any time, any where.
  3. Rechargeable Head Lamp – Every person in our family has a headlamp. Another must-have for camping trips.
  4. Garmin GPS watch – My husband got lost in the wilderness of Montana one time and vowed to never go anywhere without a GPS-capable watch. The Garmin Tactix 7 is solar charging and has a nearly unbreakable face.
  5. Tushy Travel Bidet – If you’ve gone on a long hike or primitive camping trips, this will become your new best friend. Or maybe you know someone who would love this?
  6. Hammock – No matter where your outdoorsy life takes you, pack a hammock! The hand woven kind are the most durable and comfy.
  7. First Aid Kit – It’s bound to happen. Outdoorsy people are just prone to outdoor accidents, so be prepared!

Our Favorite Outdoor Activities to Do as a Family

Most days I’m rocking in my outdoor rocker style lawn chair, watching my kids ride their bikes and play. Or we’re in the backyard playing on the trampoline or climbing dome. We upgraded our swimming pool last year to an 18 footer and we were in it most days last summer.

Aside from playing outside at home, we take as many camping trips as we can in our RV or visit local parks. But being home-bodies, we find plenty outdoorsy stuff to do in our own backyard!

How can I have fun outside with my kids?

If you’re still not getting the answers you need for outdoor family fun, here’s a list of things you can do with your kids that you might actually enjoy!

Which outdoor activities do you enjoy the most with your family in the summer? Tell me in the comment section!

Must-Haves for the Outdoorsy Family with a Dog

Of course we can’t leave out our furry family members either! Our family dog recently passed, but we will be getting a puppy this summer (we can’t live without a family dog!) We will make it a point to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle with our pup and therefore, I’ve made a list of things we have to get before he joins us on our adventures!

must haves for the outdoor family with a dog
  • Soft dog collar – neoprene is durable and soft. We need something that can withstand our adventures! I’m also eyeing this gps tracking one.
  • Doggy seat belt / tether leash – This can be used in a vehicle, side by side or other place where you need your pup secured on a short leash, hands free.
  • Regular leash – Again, something durable and we prefer retractable. This one has a built in poop bag holder.
  • Collapsable bowls – some like bowls, others like water bottles. I think you need both.
  • Doggy water bottle – here’s a portable, stainless steel water bottle. Perfect for hiking with your pup.
  • Doggy hammock – of course your pup needs a soft hammock like you!
  • Poop bags – Don’t forget these! Don’t be that guy.

There’s probably even more that could be added to all of these lists, but all of these must-haves are essential for our family. What does your outdoor lifestyle look like?

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