Cute & Casual Outfits to Wear in Summer While Breastfeeding

Just because you’re a nursing mama doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion side! I breastfed for 4 years straight (2 babies) and found that there are definitely options out there that can fit any style or occasion and allow you to comfortably nurse your baby. Here are my favorite outfits and pieces to wear in Summer while breastfeeding.

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Best nursing tops to wear in Summer

There are 2 best tops that you can wear in summer while breastfeeding your little one. Either a loose fitting tank top that you can pull right off your shoulder or pull up from the bottom, or a false two piece tank top or tee shirt. Whoever first came out with the false two piece for nursing is a genius and this makes breastfeeding the most hassle free you’re going to get!

Here’s what the nursing tee shirt looks like. This 3 pack is from Bearsland and they have a large variety of colors and patterns. Click any image in this post to see the price and sizes too.

And this is the nursing tank top with the false two piece.

When it comes to nursing outfits, you’ll want the tops that make breastfeeding easy. And if you’ll be breastfeeding this Summer, lightweight clothes will be your best friend! You’ll already have the heat of your baby close to your chest, so its going to help so much if your outfit is light and airy.

Cute Summer outfits to wear while breastfeeding

The false two piece tops are the best choice because you’re not feeling like it’s overly obvious that your breastfeeding when you nurse in these. These tops are super soft and comfortable and provide easy access for your baby. Click the images to choose colors and patterns on Amazon.

Summer nursing dresses that are super cute

I love wearing Summer dresses. Even just casually at home, in my backyard while the kids play and especially for date nights. Dresses make me feel free and pretty. So if you’re breastfeeding and you love dresses too in the Summer, check out these options that allow you to feel great and nurse easily.

Click any image to see price and colors.

Other types of tops and dresses that are easy to breastfeed in

Any shirt or dress that has v-neck style and made of really light material can easily be pulled to the side. Most of my tops allowed me to whip out a breast like that. They may not be made for nursing, but these kinds of tops are still functional for breastfeeding. Here’s a few examples. Click the image to see where to buy.

Let’s not forget the bathing suits for breastfeeding!

Oh yes they do make bathing suits for nursing mamas! I hated having to untie my bathing suit to breastfeed. Here are easier options, Summer bathing suits made for breastfeeding women.

I love that stylish clothes are an option for breastfeeding mothers! Breastfeeding can be challenging. So feeling and looking good in the clothes you wear makes a big difference! Want to see more breastfeeding content? Leave a comment and tell me what breastfeeding advice would help you!

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