Childhood Topics

homemade garlic oil remedy for ear infections
You only need 2 things to make garlic oil for ear infections. A clove of fresh garlic and olive oil. Read more
how to weigh baby at home
Weighing your baby at home is quick and easy! Here are the weight gain goals from newborn to infancy and Read more
what kills strep
Herbs like Licorice and fruit extracts like Cranberry are among the many natural remedies that kill Streptococcus bacteria, like Strep Read more
Slides and swings get dangerously hot. But now kids don't have to wear pants in the summer or miss out Read more
Ever been to a restaurant that's out of high chairs? Or (talking through my teeth) every highchair has straps that Read more
is my child or toddler eating enough
What should toddlers and young children be eating? And how do you know if they're eating enough? Here's what kids Read more
when to start baby sign language
Baby sign language is proven to help parents (and caregivers) communicate more effectively with babies and young toddlers before they Read more
do children need vitamin b12 supplements
Vitamin B12 supplements for kids. Necessary or not? Are they safe for kids? Here's what health experts say. Read more
halloween activities and crafts for toddlers
This post may contain affiliate links, which means by clicking on and purchasing from any link, image or banner on Read more
weaning from formula
You CAN go back to breastfeeding after supplementing formula! Here are expert tips for weaning your baby from formula to Read more
Indoor water activities for kids
Winter is coming! And for me that means figuring out fun things for my 3 and 1 year old to Read more
how to clean baby bottles and breast pump parts
Baby bottles can be kept clean naturally by using non-toxic cleaning supplies like vinegar, Castile soap and hot water. In Read more