first 6 weeks of breastfeeding a newborn
Some experts say those first 6 weeks after a baby is born are the HARDEST for new mom's to adjust
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3 day potty training for boys
With these tips, tricks and hacks, potty training your little superhero couldn't be any easier! Here's how I potty trained

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I’ve always wanted to make something meaningful. To have a positive impact on the world – somehow. When my kids were toddlers, I noticed a century-old problem that no one had yet to solve. Blazing hot swings, slides and seats! My kids love parks, but on hot days there were a lot of pout faces and disappointment. Hot pants are impractical and towels didn’t work. So I invented the No Heat Slide Seat™! Since launching in 2021, Slide Seats have been a huge success all over the country and even as far as Australia! Learn more and order at (use code OUTDOORS to get 10% off)

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