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Scientists now encourage regular, unprotected sun exposure (without getting burnt) in order to get enough Vitamin D, a critical Vitamin
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The FDA evaluated sunscreen ingredients early 2019. They found at least 4 chemicals to be potentially harmful. Here's the bad
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Vitamin B12 supplements for kids. Necessary or not? Are they safe for kids? Here's what health experts say.
You may feel like you're losing control (of everything) when dealing with toddlers with bad behaviors. But with this simple
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Problems latching, low milk supply and a fussy baby are some of the breastfeeding difficulties that you may encounter. Here
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Is your baby ready to wean from breastfeeding? Here are the signs that he is and a step by step
How to prepare for breastfeeding
Wondering what you can do to get prepared for breastfeeding before baby arrives? Maybe you're ready to try to breastfeed
What goes in a breastfeeding survival kit? And why do you need one, what are they for? Everything you need
vitamin c for babies and toddlers
Simple guide for parents on when and why to give children Vitamin C. What the medical experts actually recommend for
10 most effective and fastest ways to boost your milk supply.

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I’ve always wanted to make something meaningful. To have a positive impact on the world – somehow. When my kids were toddlers, I noticed a century-old problem that no one had yet to solve. Blazing hot swings, slides and seats! My kids love parks, but on hot days there were a lot of pout faces and disappointment. Hot pants are impractical and towels didn’t work. So I invented the No Heat Slide Seat™! Since launching in 2021, Slide Seats have been a huge success all over the country and even as far as Australia! Learn more and order at (use code OUTDOORS to get 10% off)

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