My Family’s Favorites for 2018

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There are those things that just make life easier, right?

Especially when you’re a mom (or a parent in general), those little items can be life savers! This year I have a good two handfuls of those items we just can’t live without, but the funny thing is I know they will change next year! lol

When you see this list, remember, we are a family of four with two under three years of age so most items are meant to make MY life easier. ? Also, some photos aren’t the best quality, but I wanted to give you an idea of real life use!

Our 2018 Favorites are…

1. When we welcomed our second I knew I would need both arms and hands to tote my precious babies and so coming in the number one spot = the BACK PACK DIAPER BAG!! I know, that’s no secret, everyone seems to be wearing backpacks nowadays! But I constantly get compliments about mine. The style and colors are what attracted me to it and it works just perfectly for what I have going on. Just enough pockets, compartments, easily cleaned, lightweight. I bought this one online from Target.

Oh joy, the best backpack diaper bag from target

2. My youngest child, Jolene, learned to crawl and then walk this year so this next item was a winner for the second time around! If you have a little one on the way to standing and taking those first steps, you’ll want this walker! I’d say in total, Jolene probably played and walked with this thing for about four months and, again, it paid off with her too. I found this V-Tech Walker on Amazon several years ago and it’s still selling! (Click the link to see the current price). This would make the perfect baby shower gift, too, because we all know how quickly babies go from newborn to walking!

the best baby walker by vtech

3. Since we’re talking about Jolene and her new found wandering abilities, the next item was a must have for sure! These magnetic cabinet lock things are so cool and don’t require drilling into your cabinets, which is great since we are renting our house. They are cheap in my opinion and you get a ton for the price. These magnetic cabinet locks are also on Amazon. Be careful though, they are slightly difficult to assemble onto the cabinet, but once you get the hang of it you’re good! *Don’t throw away the little applicator frame!(you’ll see what I mean)

Magnetic cabinet locks, childproof cabinets

Magnetic cabinet locks, childproof cabinet (I keep the magnetic piece on my fridge so I can always find it!)

4. I really love Summer Infant products and this is another product we’ve used with both kiddos. The Baby Pixel® Video Monitor was perfect for us. The image that comes through is really good so I could see if my babies were waking up. You can see if their eyes open and I swear I could see their chest rise and fall as they breathe and when you’re a nervous Mama like me that’s a very important factor! 🙂 I think the price is worth it for what you’re getting=peace of mind!

5. I’ve been ordering these Seventh Generation Diapers off Amazon for nearly two years now. They are chlorine, dye and fragrance free and that is enough for me! You can even set this to auto deliver to your door how ever often you need.

6. I’m currently potty training my son and we’ve been through three kid potties. Yes, three! Finally we’ve found one he really likes and is comfortable using. I’m hoping this will end up being the Magic Piss Pot! LOL And the price is well under $30 so also totally worth it! Isn’t it cute!? It even has a storage spot for wipes, we call it his big boy toilet paper. 😀

7. This next guy is just another must for exploring little babes. I have a lot of open space between my living room and kitchen and a regular baby gate just doesn’t work for us. So this Play Yard type gate did the trick for us and I highly recommend it if you have open space and not a lot of doorways that you can easily block off or use simple little two foot gates. The price is about one and a half that of the regular gates, but it is WAY big! Speaking of gates and play yards, we also used this outdoor Play Yard this summer while my son played outside so that my daughter could also enjoy the sun without crawling away/getting carried away by all the ants!

8. Both of my c-section babies had sensitive tummies and needed probiotics as babes. Mommy’s Bliss Probiotics did wonders for my son’s constipation issues and have helped keep Jolene’s tummy in check too. I have been using this brand for three years and totally stand behind it! It usually costs about 4 bucks more at grocery stores, pharmacies, etc and I always get it cheapest online! Here’s the current price:

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but I feel like these items–which I probably should have just said BABY FAVORITES–have really saved us and made life a lot easier! I am currently working on a post for my Mommy favorites that are more about what I use in my kitchen, bathroom, etc so watch out for that one! Let me know if you end up using any of these and if they helped you! I’d love to hear that I made someone else’s life easier! 😉

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