The Valentine’s Day Gift That Speaks His Love Language

My husband is an overachiever. Let me tell you why.

Most people have 1 love language. Jake has 2. And he feels the most loved when he is getting BOTH languages at the same time! (Lol)

Can you guess what his languages are?

Acts of service and physical touch. Go ahead, you can laugh. ?

So this Valentine’s Day I’m going for the gift that offers both of his love languages. I wanted to find something classy, yet romantic and that’s where I found a couples massage intimate gift box on Amazon!

Forever Tantra Romance Massage Kit comes with 8 items in the box, plus we’re getting an access code to Forever Tantra Massage Music and “How To” Videos.

It is normally around $100, but it’s on sale for Valentines Day 2020 for just under $60!

If you need pointers, their website teaches you and your husband/wife how to give each other sensual, relaxing, romantic massages with tons of helpful tips.

Why is this better than paying for a couple’s massage?

  1. It’s cheaper than hiring a pro. At around $60, this gift is well worth the moola!
  2. You are touching him, not someone else!
  3. You can have and give this gift as often as you’d like.
  4. And you are getting the benefits of the gift too!

I know my husband is going to love this, what man wouldn’t? If you want to learn more about this romantic massage gift, box click here to go to Amazon!

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