After Using Kiwi Co for 3 Years, Here’s What We Think + Promo Code

I’ve disliked subscription boxes in the past. The ones I’ve personally tried, FabFitFun and Fabletics, left a lot to be desired so when subscription boxes for kids came into the picture I was skeptical.

I saw a YouTube review, however, of the Kiwi crates and because there was a promo code that knocked the price almost in half I took a chance. My kids and I loved the age-appropriate boxes of activities so much that I don’t think we’ll ever cancel!

Here’s why…

KiwiCo Crates Are More Affordable Than other Subscription Boxes

Most subscription boxes run around $40 per month, but Kiwi crate subscriptions only cost on average $20 per month with free shipping! You save even more by paying for 6 months or 12 months of boxes. The only exception are the two crates that are for ages 14-104 years old at $10 more, although there are other crates for teenagers that fall under the regular pricing.

Promo Codes for KiwiCo Crates

Here you can find the latest promo codes for KiwiCo crate subscriptions and store. Plus, you will automatically get $10 off your first box when you subscribe using this link. Bingo!

You Get a Minimum of 3 Related Activities in Every Box

Our first box came and it was as if the stars had aligned! I had been teaching my four year old about weather. He’s fascinated by clouds, rain, storms and rainbows. His first box was rainbow theme. He made a rainbow cloud pillow, dyed a handbag with rainbow colors and made a sun catcher glass art thingy. The projects require very little extra materials and tell you the level of messiness so you can be prepared.

The crates are named differently depending on age. For example, the crates we get are the Koala crates for toddlers 2-4 years old. Obviously, the older the child, the more challenging and advanced the materials and projects. I really love that this company has matched the ages with the activities and offer such a wide variety of projects!

Kiwi Crates Promote Fine Motor Skills, STEM and Hands-On Imagination Crafting

The crates from KiwiCo target, from what I’ve seen, exactly what children are curious about. They come with instructions easy enough for a new reader to follow, and allow kids, even toddlers, to complete the projects without a whole of leading by parents. Since this is important for building self confidence in young children, I’m all for it!

The high quality, colorful materials in each crate allow kids to use their own imagination and be creative in their own ways with each project. So no two craft or project will turn out the same and each will be a direct reflection of where that child is in his or her development and how they see the world. Maybe that’s a little deep, but you’ll see what I mean when your own child completes one of the projects in this box!

So yes, Kiwi crates are worth the money!

I have recommended these crates to all of my family and friends and I encourage you to explore their monthly crates and take advantage of this $10 credit.

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