The BEST Solution for Hot Slides and Swings

For over a century kids have been playing on playgrounds – swinging and sliding is one of the great joys of childhood that most everyone who is alive today has experienced. But we all know that on warm days, and especially on hot days, those slides get HOT! A lot of the time, slides get so hot that our little ones can’t enjoy them.

Metal VS Plastic Slides

A few decades ago someone figured out that plastic covered slides would be a safer solution compared to the standard metal slide. Unfortunately, plastic slides still get really hot and don’t completely solve the issue for kids. It was a good attempt at least and today the majority of metal slides have been replaced with yellow, blue or green plastic slides.

Even though plastic slides don’t reach temperatures as high as metal ones, they can still get up to 200 degrees fahrenheit. When you think about the fact that 130 degrees can cause second degree burns, you can see why hot slides are still a real problem!

Better Solutions for Hot Playground Equipment

Nowadays, some parks have canopies installed over the playgrounds that block some of the sunlight. Not only do canopies keep slides and other playground equipment from reaching such high temperatures, it also blocks UV rays from reaching kids at play. The downside is not many parks can afford to install canopy playground covers, costing upwards of $8,000.

Another solution is one that recently came to market and it’s called the No Heat Slide Seat. It’s a simple heat resistant mat that kids can use as they slide down hot slides or sit on hot swings. These seats help to eliminate the threat of burns, while allowing kids to enjoy playgrounds! (Get 10% off with my code ALTFAB at

Parents and children are finding a lot more uses for the No Heat Slide Seat too, including sitting on hot pavement, hot bleachers or benches and more. Plus, these seats can be toted hands free as kids climb steps or ladders to get to the next slide. And they’re dirt and water resistant too.

I don’t know about you but spending 20 bucks so my kids can comfortably slide and swing at the playground sounds a lot better than dressing them in hot pants or worrying that their thin skin is burning! My kids love their No Heat Slide Seats so much, they never want to go to the parks without them!

You can order a Slide Seat at and get 10% off with my code, ALTFAB.

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