Funtastic, Most Educational, Kid-Approved Videos: Blippi

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Looking for really entertaining, safe, educational videos for your baby or toddler? Here’s what every Mom should know about Blippi and why it is the best show for kids!

blippi shows for babies and toddlers

Blippi, Your Kid’s New Best Friend

So this guy Stevin John started Blippi several years ago because he wanted his nephew to have an entertaining, but wholesome show to watch. He saw the videos his nephew was watching on YouTube and, like most of us parents, said “This is a lot of garbage!”

Yeah, we’ve seen what’s out there these days. YouTube videos are sketchy, with a lot of “kid-approved” shows having creepy adults chasing their screaming kids (or are they theirs?) around neighborhoods and through houses. Whaat?!

So Who is Blippi and What Are His Shows Like?

Think Barney and Sesame Street meet Mr. Rogers. He’s dressed in blue and orange, always wearing the same blue and orange hat his mother handmade for him and the same orange and blue K-Swiss shoes with orange suspenders! I’m telling you, he is everything a kid envisions as awesome.

Blippi videos for kids

This guy, Blippi, goes around to different cities and plays in parks, indoor playgrounds, arcades, theme parks and gyms. He giggles as he demonstrates all the things these places offer for kids. Speaking of giggle, his silly laughs are very endearing to kids, I’ve noticed. He has no problem being quirky for his audience. And I think it tells kids, ‘hey be you and be silly-it’s totally fine’.

He runs through water spouts, climbs every ladder and goes down every slide. I have watched my two and one year old stare in complete awe at this guy as he jumped around singing and dancing to his own beats-literally. I love how happy he is and genuinely interested in the things kids are truly interested in: Balloons, Trains, Trucks, Water, Balls, Bubbles, Playgrounds, Food!

blippi teaches kids through play

But that’s not it. In every video Blippi teaches colors, numbers and cute sing-along songs that babies and toddlers get hooked on! My son sings the dinosaur song now as he plays with his dinosaurs. He pushes his train around singing the choo-choo train song, “Choo Choo, here comes the train”. Oh, and wait till you hear the Ice Cream Truck song! It’s adorable and I don’t have to worry about any of the content in these videos! Almost every kid activity, whether its exploring different trucks or making pizza for friends, has a theme song that Blippi sings along with some silly animation. Even I find myself hooked!

Blippi teaches how to spell his name

Blippi is also the first name my son learned to spell! At the end of each video, Blippi spells his name. “B-L-I-P-P-I” and, I admit, it is a catchy ending. My son (who is 2) and I spell it at least two times a day!

What Everyone Wants to Know About Blippi

After watching some of his videos and realizing-Wow, this guys is a genius!-I looked him up. A little stalkery….What’s his name? What’s his worth? So I’ll save you the digging around! Stevin, the guy behind Blippi, used to be in the Military! Brownie points! He’s almost 30 years old and has a very friendly demeanor on his YouTube channel. I get why my son loves him. He looks like a fun, loveable uncle! And what started off as a hobby and genuine desire to entertain his nephew, Blippi is making millions on these videos now with a HUGE following! In my opinion he is the next Barney, except bigger. And I have no problem supporting his channel and brand given that he’s offered safe entertainment for my kids.

Blippi: A Household Brand

Blippi merch is just really getting it’s start, but I know as he grows and branches out to new things, he is gonna kill it! Right now you can Blippi shirts, hats and this plush Blippi character on Amazon.

He’s also famous for the Bedtime with Blippi book, (also on Amazon) and so much more! But like I said, he’s only going to get bigger!!

Ways to Watch

I used to let my son watch Blippi videos straight from YouTube on my phone, but he kept being directed to really freaky videos of spiders coming out of kids noses and mouths and screaming toddlers running away from parents!! **These were other channels, NOT Blippi. So there are other, safer ways to watch his videos.

  1. To watch the original way, just search for his channel in YouTube. But be careful! Your kid might stumble on some random, sketchy videos in no time! To stream Blippi on YouTube directly on your TV–>Amazon’s Fire TV sticks and other devices are what you need. I have the Amazon Fire TV Box so I can directly hook up ethernet cord. Scroll to the end of this post for the latest Amazon prices for those devices.
  2. Subscribe to Prime Video (this link is for a FREE Prime trial!)
  3. Purchase the videos from Amazon so that you can take the DVDs anywhere.
  4. Stream directly from Blippi’s website.

There’s even Blippi iTunes!!

Popular Shows You Should Go Look Up Right Now!

His videos are usually about an hour long and full of color and music that inspires a happy mood. I know screen time is looked down on for young kids, but I have definitely left Blippi on TV in my living room all day before.

Some of the most popular videos are:

Blippi police cars

Blippi Police Cars-Blippi plays with toy police cars, jams to upbeat music and then rides in a real police car, blaring sirens and all.

Blippi Trains for Kids-This is one of my son’s favorites and where he picked up the theme song that he sings as he plays with his own trains.

Blippi Helicopters-Our first Blippi video we ever watched. When Jake Jr was about a year old and really finding an interest in helicopters we found Blippi and one of his many helicopter videos. It is a daily must-watch even now, 2 years later!

Blippi dinosaur

Blippi Dinosaurs-Blippi’s animations have come a long way and this is another video we watch almost every week. The theme song to this video is simple, but for some reason so catchy! It’s just “Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, we love dinosaurs” or something like that! lol

blippi firetruck

Blippi Trucks-Blippi has several videos about trucks. He usually plays with a toy version and then shows the real life truck in the video too. He explains the colors, noises and what the truck can do or is used for. I am pretty sure he talks about all the different trucks that exist!

Blippi Playing with Sand-Kids love sand and this video portrays all the reasons why sand is so fun to play in.

Blippi Truck Wash-Any time Blippi plays in water or soap suds, my kids stare completely mesmerized.

Now…from the Blippi Critics

I know, who could not like this guy?! I’ve read a lot of posts from parents who hate Blippi and I don’t get it. How can you hate this fun loving guy? Usually it’s his over-the-top happy squeals that turn Moms and Dads off from him. There was also one creepy Halloween video…

Whatever their reason, the critics are so few in comparison with parents who say their kids also LOVE Blippi and can’t get enough of him.

Blippi is the perfect entertainment when I’m sick and need a “babysitter”. My kids always learn something from every video and I would recommend his shows to every child from birth till they outgrow him around age 5 or 6.

This post isn’t sponsored by Blippi himself, but if he ever wants to meet my son, Jake Jr, I know that would make his day! Comment with your kids’ favorite Blippi videos!

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