My Breastfeeding Journey

I didn’t know much about BF before I had my first child. The main reason women in my generation aren’t very breastfeeding savvy? Lack of support. Something we are so very fortunate to be getting a lot better about these days! 

All I knew as the birth of my first child approached, was I had a very strong desire to feed my baby the way mother nature intended.

I researched as much as I could! I read the feeds in support forums. I read blog posts. I joined Facebook groups. I became as prepared as I could for what was to be the BEST EXPERIENCE OF MOTHERHOOD, THUS FAR.

I have successfully breastfed 2 beautiful little booby babes. Jake and Jolene. But not without some very steep hills to climb. Mainly with my first born, poor little guinea pig. It is almost another right of passage (like child birth). Those first 6 weeks are tough and painful and this is the time when most new moms give up. Who would want to do something so painful, so hard, so mentally exhausting!?

But I powered on. Through the pain, through my own hospitalization! Did it get easier? Not for a few more months!! I dealt with broken nipples, blood in my milk, mastitis and (with my second) a baby who refused one breast!

BUT! After those challenges, after climbing one of the tallest mountains I’ve ever climbed, I emerged as a breastfeeding warrior. And I’m here to tell you–there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more amazing than nourishing your children with your own body. Yes, we were meant to do it and some may not see why it’s such a big deal…but when you experience this for yourself, you experience the bond of all bonds.

The bond only a mother knows when she breastfeeds her baby.

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I hope you enjoy the reads! And good luck on your breastfeeding journey!

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