The Best Wooden Balance Bikes for Toddlers

If your toddler is between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old, they might be ready for a balance bike. Balance bikes are used to build balancing skills and a higher level of hand eye coordination to get them ready for pedal bikes. If you’re looking for toddler toys that are non-toxic, without metals and loaded with toxic paints, then check out these wooden balance bikes and get your kiddo on 4 wheels!

What is the best age for balance bikes?

Kids are usually ready for a balance bike around 1 year old. Balance bikes make great gifts for a first birthday! At this age, toddlers are walking and exploring the world from their own center of gravity. 1 year olds might be a little young to really go on a balance bike, but they will get an early start reaping the benefits.

The best age for balance bikes starts at 18 months, when toddlers are walking well and using their center of gravity efficiently. Toddlers love moving so using a wooden balance bike indoors is not only going to help them learn to balance on a bike, but it will also keep them busy and active!

Wooden Balance Bikes for Toddlers

With the latest recalls on metal baby toys containing lead and other harmful toxins, parents are choosing wooden toys for their toddlers. Toddler balance bikes that contain 100% wood and environmentally friendly parts are the safest choice. Brands like Kinderfeets and Samara Joy make non-toxic balance bikes for toddlers and kids.

Wooden Balance Bike for 1 Year Olds

The brand Kinderfeets has a very affordable balance bike for 1 year olds that can grow with them. The Tiny Tots 2 in 1 balance bike is made of 100% bamboo, non-toxic hand grips and EVA airless tires. It’s a good start for little toddlers who are ready to roll!

Price: around $89

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Kinderfeets wooden balance bikes for toddlers and kids

Kinderfeets makes balance bikes for toddlers 2-4 years old as well and are adjustable to suit young kids up to 6 years old. They are made of 100% wood from birch trees with non-toxic handlebar grips and EVA airless tires. This is an affordable option for a first bike for toddlers.

Price: Around $99

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Samara Joy wooden balance bikes for toddlers

Samara Joy is another eco-friendly toy brand with a 4 in 1 wooden balance bike for toddlers 18 months to 5 years old. The bike has 4 stages as toddlers grow and develop good balancing skills. From tricycle to standard balance bike, the Samara Joy balance bike is a unique alternative to plastic and metal balance bikes.

Price: around $149

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